Serve Partnerships exists to establish and equip strategic partnerships to serve, as one body, the ongoing physical and spiritual needs of our communities.


As part of our year-round strategy, we mobilize the Church to respond to those in need.

Community Impact

We provide a wide range of integrated services to provide a full spectrum of  Community Impact.

From Service & Leadership Adventure Camps, our Adopt-a-Family program, and our Local Mission Trips, our comprehensive approach is designed to impact individuals, families, and communities.


and Life-integration
of the missions experiences in addition to a consistent, presence of Jesus in the Community.

Get Involved - Event Calendar

Here is a partial list of opportunities we currently help coordinate through our partnerships!

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  • •Adopt-a-School - Projects onsite and offsite, Adopt-a-Family for Thanksgiving and Christmas
  • • SPU Work-a-thon at Camp Ross Relles – May & October annually (see calendar for specific dates)
  • • Local Missions Trips/Community Partnerships - Year-round. Missions Weeks are Easter Break or dates Mid -June to Mid-August
  • • Love INC Church of the Week – one each month all year
  • Nor Cal MENS ENCOUNTER Dates:
  • • Service and Leadership adventure camps January-October

Service and Leadership Adventure Camps – Public or Private Schools Approved

The Story…

In 2017, after leading numerous “Service Learning “ camps for high school students in Sacramento, Ca. and receiving the “Partners in Education Excellence Award” from The Association of California School Administrators (May 2016), Serve Partnerships was contacted to start Service Learning camps in Southern Ca. A parent at the first camp in Lake Arrowhead noticed the leadership elements and suggested a change in the name.  Not only did we change the name, but the focus became primarily leadership with service being a key component.  Past Partners: Charters: Valiant, Summit, Inspire, Alpine Camp and Conference Center, Camp Ross Relles and Homeschool Concierge. Pending: Sutter Peak, Inspire Nor Cal, Compass So Cal.  We will add additional charters as there is interest.

NOTE: New dates for the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 in both No Cal and So Cal will be posted as soon as they are booked, OR your charter can book an exclusive date by contacting us. If you would like to receive notice when camp dates are available, please join our Facebook group.

Do you have a message for us as you leave Service & Leadership Camp?

“You are such great encouragers of the next generation! Thank you for your… Leadership!” Madison (17)

“Thank you so much for taking the risk, making the sacrifices, sharing your hearts and opening your Treasure Boxes!” Harmony – Parent

“Thank you very much Rob and Karyn. It’s been a pleasure to meet you both. I feel very blessed by this camp.” Lisa – Parent

What Parents and Students are saying about Service & Leadership Adventure Camps

Would you recommend this trip to other parents or students? Why or why not?

“Yes. Well done. Great training in Leadership and Service. Very soul searching.” Lisa – Parent

“Definitely…I came in here having no idea what it would be and I was blown away…it helps everyone grow! There are so many students who would benefit from this…” Alexa – Guardian

“Yes, as growth and knowledge of leadership qualities, types of leadership and how service is related to leadership. You learn the value of service is experienced intellectually, emotionally and physically.” Dr. Dr. Ann Grootegoed – Parent

“I would. It’s a great experience.” Macy (12)

“Yes, ‘cause it was so much fun! Nico (12)

“Yes! These topics are exactly what kids need to learn! (Madison 17)

“Yes, it was fun. I am coming back! Adrian (10)

Mens Encounter

The Encounter is the most Powerful Movement I have ever seen in my 50+ years of walking with Jesus and 30+ years in vocational ministry. Period.  It is NOT a “men’s retreat”, it’s not hyped up or manipulation. It is simply a 48-hour Journey with God and Brothers in Christ that will change your life. You are not required to be a Christ-Follower before you come, but no matter where you are with God, The Encounter will bring a new appreciation and connection to God and your Brothers.

People have asked me, “why is Men’s Encounter” There are several unique reasons I can identify, but here’s three:

  • The Servers – These past Attendees, pay to come and serve you in a variety of ways that are Powerful.
  • The Authenticity – no paid speakers, no sermons, just life-on-life, raw and real Fellowship. It doesn’t get more real than The Encounter.
  • Prayer – I’ll be honest, I was humbled to see to depth of prayer Brothers invested for me. Servers Fast & Pray for 40 hours and pray for Brothers by name before they even attend.

The Story…

My first Encounter was August 2018 at Lake Tahoe with Reno M.E.  After that first one, I had to start the Sacramento Region Encounters (9 Encounters total to date) which now is NorCal Encounters with future Women’s Encounters and Youth Encounters to follow. To find the latest dates and locations of The Encounters, please visit  You can also reach us at, phone/text 916-532-9040.

Adopt a mom

Young mom and daughter

The Story…

In 1993 I met a amazing woman during a Serve Sacramento Missions Week. She was a single mom. As I got to know her, I soon observed how difficult it was to parent alone. That amazing woman has been my wife for 25 years and was part of the Inspiration for Adopt-a-Mom for Mother’s Day that eventually include Valentine’s Day as well – another lonely day for a single parent.  Churches, businesses, groups, families and individuals provide nice baskets that are delivered to single moms, grandmas raising grandchildren, and wives of deployed military.  In addition, local business from one of our host churches stepped up provide a free one-hour massage for any mom that wanted one. 

Past Partners: Revive Therapy Massage, Sacramento Friends Church, Bayside GB, Bayside West Roseville, Bridgeway, KLOVE/AIR1 Radio, Head Start, Rocklin Girl Scouts, AWANAS, Mark Arnez Wholesale, and Kellie’s Cookies.

To find out more, please contact us!

Serve Partnerships Mission Weeks

The Story…

In 1991, Youth for Christ started “Serve Sacramento” as a way for our youth to put action to their faith AND to present the opportunity to become a Follower of Jesus.  We partnered with inner-city churches in the Sacramento Region and lived in the churches or in apartment communities as we served.  In 1997, I became the Director. We changed the name of the ministry to Serve Partnerships Unlimited because as we expanded into additional communities, local “ownership” was critical. 

For each individual partnership, we named it after the geographical location for clarity and ownership – Serve Folsom Partnership, Serve Del Paso Heights, Serve Susanville, etc.  To date, SPU has led over 40 local SPU Weeks in 10 communities in Northern Ca.  The ages of participants has ranged from 5-65 and included people from Latin, Korean, African, Lebanese, Canadian, etc. cultural backgrounds and numerous church denominations. Our Adult Leaders train young leaders to lead children’s ministries as well as participate in community projects and special events for the community, all while we are modeling the Love for one another that Jesus Prayed for.  As a follow-up, hundreds of families in need have been a part of Adopt-a-Family ministry at Thanksgiving and Christmas, Adopt-a-Mom for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day (single moms, etc.), as well as special events and most importantly, connection with the local churches that host each Missions Week in their neighborhood.

For more information on hosting or participating in a Serve Partnership Week, please contact us.

Diverse religious shoot

Past Partners:

Signal Heights Baptist Church, Olive Garden, Foothill Skate Inn, Leatherby’s Family Creamery, BE-One Sportwear, Del Norte Athletic Club, Arcade Baptist, Papa Murphy’s, YFC/Campus Life, Iglesia Cristiano Emmanuel Church, Campus Crusade (CRU), Minister RMB, Machaira Band, Christ Community Church,  Home Depot, Susanville EV Free, Love Action INT, The A.C.T.S Group, Latin Nazarene, Korean Presbyterian, Jersey Mike’s Subs, Del Paso Church of God, Chick-fil-a, Chipotle, BJ’s, Brookfields, Crown Plaza Hotel,  Sacramento Friends Church, Victory Tabernacle, Del Paso Union Baptist Church, Pizza Guys, Starbucks, Sacramento Zoo, Funderland, Church of The Harvest, Rubios, Bomba Sock Co., Southern Baptist Missions Network, Sherwin-Williams, JBR Pest Control, Child Evangelism Fellowship, Walmart, Elinore-Hickey School, Doubletree Hotel, California Family Fitness, A & A Music and Events, Christian Life Church, Florin Nazarene Church, Now Faith Church of Deliverance, Parkside Apartments, Evergreen Village apts., Mountain Mike’s, Fair Oaks Pres, Cordova Neighborhood Church, and Waxie Janitorial.

Annual Family Work-a-thon Fundraisers

 The Story…

In 2003, I wanted to help a group of church partners raise $ for a City-Wide Missions Week I was hosting in Sacramento with 6 teams and participants from 8 states, Beirut Lebanon and Canada.  I did not want to do a 5K Run, but liked the idea of “sponsors” per lap. I decided, why not make this event a Win-Win by serving Camp Ross Relles who host special needs camps for blind children, deaf children and at-risk kids.  So here’s how it works: We work for 8 hours and participants get sponsors per hour. So if they get 10 sponsors at $5/hr, they will raise $400 towards summer camp, missions trip, sports team, etc. Anything that is non-profit. Here’s the cool part, Serve Partnerships does 80% of the work for you… We set up all the projects, work to get tools we will need, provide food and lodging and create promotional materials for you! The only cost to you is $25 and your group, org, or church keeps all the $ you raise.  WAIT! I’m not done yet… I also have negotiated with the camp to have fun on Sunday and take advantage of camp activities!  PLUS… the people that attend are super-cool folks!  If  there is a better deal out there for helping disadvantaged kids, raising $ for a good cause, having a ton o’ fun and meeting great folks, I want to hear it! Work-A-Thons are twice a year and dates are the weekend before Memorial Day and either the last weekend in September or first weekend in October.

For more information, contact us. or 916-532-9040.

Past Partners: Kelli’s Cookies, Love Action INT, Bridgeway Church, Lions Club, Bayside Church, Wolf Mountain Camp, Youth for Christ,  Camp Diamond Arrow, Chick-fil-a, Senior Gleaners, Camp Paradise, Victory Tabernacle Church, Thunder Road Biker Church, Gold Country Chaplaincy, Christian Business Roundtable, Sierra Reach Church, Ark Korean Presbyterian Church, Grace Construction, Redmond Concrete, Dan Lynch (Rudolph & Sletten), Chris Frye Painting, and many more (If I missed you, let me know!) 

Non-Profit Leaders Fellowship (Faith-based)


 The Story…

The need to support non-profit leaders was on the radar of four leaders in Sacramento for several years. In 2017 Dave Harrison (, Jeff Johnson ( and Don Proctor ( and Rob Dirkse (Serve Partnerships) met at Fig Tree Coffee and The NPL Fellowship was born. Our first Gathering was November 2017 with a free dinner prepared and hosted by New Life Church in Fair Oaks. Local senior pastors came and served the Non-Profit Leaders!  One of those leaders was a Patriarch of “The Church of Sacramento”, Dr. Henry Wells (who went on to his Reward on New Years Day 2020) offered to pay for the next event! To date we have had 4 events with the 5th planned for Fall of 2020. 

 Past Partners:  New Life Community Church, City Pastors Fellowship, Epic Bible College, Macaroni Grill, Texas Roadhouse, Flowers for Elders, You can reach us at or 


Elementary school kids leaving school to get the school bus

The Story…

In 2010, we adopted a local charter school in North Highlands that serves at-risks students that face issues like homelessness, learning disabilities, bullying, and other challenges. We reach out to businesses, churches, small groups, and families to serve the needs of students and their families.

There are a few different ways you can help us love at-risk kids and families:

Adopt-A-Family – Each Thanksgiving and Christmas our school Site Manager screens the families to so we care for those most in need.  About 25 families (average) are “adopted”. Past Partners have been Bayside Church, Bridgeway Church, Rogers Family Coffee Co/SF Bay Coffee, Adventist Health, and hundreds of small groups and families.

Teacher Appreciation – You can create Goodie Bags with treats, notes of encouragement, etc.

Career Day – Come out and talk about opportunities for our students’ future in your field of expertise

Service Partner – If you own a non-profit and have service opportunities for our students, please contact us to come and serve. Must be within 30 min. drive of McClellan Park.  or 916-532-9040.



Past Partners:  Horses, Hope and Healing, Adalberto’s, Ca. Waterfowl, Mira Loma H.S. IBP, World Relief, Capitol Area Indian Resources, Student Reach, Sac Parks & Rec, Logan Park, Sac Food Bank and Family Services, Next Move, Love Action INT, Grace City, Heart’s Landing Ranch, Seeds 2 Feed, Sacramento Memorial Garden, Bridgeway Church, RAFT, The Monkey Commando/Open Window Foundation, Americorps, ICELAND, Sacramento Zoo, Salvation Army, DART, Serna Village, Loaves & Fishes, St. John’s Program for Real Change, Camp Ross Relles, Pizza Guys, Chick-Fil-a, Camp Diamond Arrow Brookfields, Rubios, and Camp Pollock, Chipotle, and Randy Orzalli’s Woodduck and Owl boxes.